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Free Your Home from Slamming Doors with a Paint Tube Doorstop!

As the old saying goes, “If fortune knocks, open your door!” Well, some doors are meant to be kept closed. But do you know that happiness always sneaks in through a door you did not think was open? That’s why if you keep waiting for the doors to open, you’ll be waiting for such a long time. Start opening your own doors and create your own opportunities. It’s like welcoming fresh air passing into your room through your open door. Beware of the wind blowing like crazy. It might noisily slam your door shut. In this case, you’re truly in need of a practical and solid doorstop. 

Splash something quirky and cool, yet functional art around your door. Instead of picking a kind of boring doorstop, try this Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw. This doorstop looks perfectly like an oil paint tube. It seems like seeing a messy squeeze of oil paint coming out from the tube. But you don’t have to worry about spilling the oil paint all over your floor. Simply wedge this doorstop under your door. Its size perfectly goes under the door. Made of solid plastic, this Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw is available in black, blue and red colors of choice. 

This Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw is exceptionally useful and cool. Its unique and artistic design are sure to give everyone a giggle as they walk passing through your door. It looks cute and perfectly functional. It makes your home free from slamming doors. Moreover, it adds humor and great fun to securely propping open a door in artistic style. Give yourself loads laughs with Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw. What a wonderful weird!

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