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Time for Revenge with a Fly Sword Swatter!

A two inch cracked window is a golden gate for this little creature called a fly. It’s cheerfully flying around your room and flying toward you. It takes sometime landing disgustingly on your face, ear, lips or even worst swimming joyfully in your cup of coffee. This annoying fly lives only a month, deciding to spend most of its time with you in your room. The fly does not suck blood like a mosquito but it’s truly taking great joy in being aggressively annoying. Now you have an annoying roommate to drive you nuts. You start yelling “What do you want from me? Go away!” It only stands still, rubbing its little hands together like it’s plotting to ruin your life.  
Get rid of an annoying fly! Mr. Miyagi (played by Pat Morita) in Karate Kid movie once said that “A man who skillfully catches a fly with chopsticks, accomplish anything.” That’s why happiness is managing to use chopsticks. But if eating food with chopsticks itself takes long and great practices, how can you catch a fly with chopsticks like a Karate Master? Forget chopsticks and use this Fly Sword Swatter instead! It’s the fun sword to play with. It’s a fantastic sword to get rid of those pesky flies and other flying bugs.

Get revenge on this annoying fly in your room with this Fly Sword Swatter. This product of Peleg Design is simply brilliant, adhering to design principles of functionality, aesthetics and humor. Shaped like a sword, it offers a great and sturdy grip with a wide swatter at the opposite end. It allows you to have full control over this fly killing weaponry. Made of thick yet flexible plastic, it gives the feel of durability. It comes with the size of 53.3 x 11.6 x 9.8 cm. It is available in three bright colors of choice: Blue, Green and Red. This Fly Sword Swatter is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

This Fly Sword Swatter will turn you into a critter-slaying knight of medieval era. Although you are going to slay a dragon, it insists you to know your enemy well. Just like Karate, the secret of a Fly Sword Swatter lies in the mind and heart, not in the hands. So, prepare your mind and heart while using this Fly Sword Swatter with lots of fun! What a wonderful weird!

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