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Wonderful Cup Warmer: How Hot Can You Go?

I know that I’m hot, but you don’t need to stare. I know that you don’t have a dirty mind. You only have a hot imagination. Well, being hot is not a sin. It’s a great luck. It’s truly a gift of nature. Something to be cherished and enjoyed forever. Are you that hot? Think it over while you’re having a cup of hot drink.

Be hot or be left behind. That’s the deal. A cup of cold tea, chocolate or coffee is no longer worth drinking. When you’re feeling stuck in your hectic work late at night, you won’t feel great relief with this kind of cold drink. A hot drink is all that you really need. A hot drink is like a hug from the inside. Some people say that a hot drink a day, keep the worries away. But what if you can’t finish your work in a few minutes and even you have no time to take a sip of your hot drink? At the same time, you need your hot drink to stay hot along the way. Get a Hot Cookie cup warmer right away!

Yes, this cookie-style cup warmer may become your best solution for your favorite hot drink to stay hot. Hot Cookie cup warmer features a hot plate, on/off switch, power light and USB lead. With the diameter size of 10 cm and 3 cm height, this oreo cookie-shaped hot plate can empowered by any USB port of your PC/Mac laptop. This cute little pad will sit perfectly under your cup and plugs straight into any USB port. It gently keeps the temperature of your favorite drink (tea, coffee, chocolate) warm up to 50○C.

This Hot Cookie cup warmer is a perfect companion for you when working late at the office. It will perfectly slow the cooling process of your hot drink. Never again let your hot drink getting cold while your laptop keyboards hot up. Your hot refreshing drink will always be at hand. What a wonderful weird!

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