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Wonderful Luggage Tag: Take A Great Journey with Tag-Me Luggage Tag!

Life is an endless journey. It doesn’t matter where you’re going. But it’s who you have beside you. It’s actually your precious luggage! Yes, think of your life as a luggage. Fill it with good deeds as you’ll need it for the long journey ahead. Since everyone in the journey comes with a luggage, be sure to attach the tag on your luggage. The luggage tag will protect your luggage from going astray. Losing your luggage ranks as one of the worst travel experiences. This small thing provides great benefit for you to keep calm and travel on.

Are you searching for the perfect luggage tag items? You’ve come to the perfect choice of luggage tag. It’s entitled Tag-Me luggage tag, another creative product by Ototo. It’s a Tel Aviv based product design studio who believe that something new and exciting can happen at any given time. It’s a lovely designed of flexible plastic airplane to tag your luggage while travelling. With the size of 29 x 7 x 2.5 cm, Tag-Me luggage tag is available in two colors of choice: red and yellow. It’s a unique way of identifying your luggage as it helps your luggage stand out from the crowd in baggage area. 

How to use it? Tag-Me luggage tag has two parts, the airplane side and the card side. Both parts are attached with long flexible tail. Remove the protective card in your Tag-Me luggage tag and fill in your detail info. Reapply the protective card on top of info card. Insert the airplane head through the triangle to attach Tag-Me to your luggage. Now your luggage is perfectly safe and easy to identify. As simple as that. Now you don’t need to have an argument with a guy who has the same luggage as yours. You can notice your luggage immediately when getting of the plane with this bright red/yellow unique design luggage tag!

A great luggage truly deserves a great tag. Personalize your luggage with this Tag-Me luggage tag as one of your most important travel accessories to own. This Tag-Me luggage tag is not only protecting your precious luggage, but it also help you to travel in style. From now on, never plan a great journey without Tag-Me luggage tag! What a wonderful weird!

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