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Wonderful Puncher: Get Crocobite for Harmless Crocodile Bite!

An old saying goes… if you are going to live by the river, make friends with the crocodile. A starving crocodile is never pleasant. You may feed the crocodile in the hope that it will eat you last. Its strong jaws need something to munch on. And most of all, the crocodile really appreciates every last bite.
Crocodiles may be the world’s champion chopper. But actually, how strong are the crocodile bite force? A Paleo-biologist has performed a bite test of all living crocodilian species. The crocodiles show the most extraordinary bite force ever measured, almost rivaling to that of mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. That facts might have inspired Peleg Design Studio to produce this wonderful design of Crocobite Pocket Puncher. It combines functionality, aesthetics and a little bit humor.
Don’t worry, it won’t bite you. Yes, it looks like a crocodile but it’s actually a hole poncher. This Crocobite Pocket Puncher is truly harmless. It has a strong tooth in its front mouth to punch holes in your important papers. This cute river monster comes in green color with handy size of 2.7 x 0.7 x 0.8 cm. It looks practical to keep it along with your other writing tools in your bag.

This fun office accessory will keep all your document papers neatly filed. It’s simply easy to use. Just fold your paper in half, click one and you’ve got a hole punched. At first glance, this cute green crocodile looks weird but its function is truly wonderful. People seeing you with this Crocobite Pocket Puncher will surely giggle around it. It could be such a great unique idea for office gift. What a wonderful weird!

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